Why is Parker so well regarded by its employees?

Parker works hard to be 'best in class' in the field of aging services. One of the ways we strive to be the example, for others to follow, is in how we treat our employees.

Parker Employees

Parker works hard to be an employer of choice - the type of company you can take pride in and trust to offer a fair, enlightened, and compassionate workplace, which provides ample opportunities for professional development and job growth.

We enjoy one of the highest employee retention rate, which far exceeds industry standards, and reward our employees with a supportive environment, an excellent benefits package and competitive compensation, as well as skill development, and many internal promotions.

Parker takes pride in the warm organizational culture it has developed in over 100+ years of operation. We respect and reward employees who work cooperatively with staff, take initiative, and share their views to help improve the organization.

And Parker takes pride in the many well-regarded benefits it offers employees, including tuition reimbursement, group health insurance plans, a fully-funded pension, life insurance, contributions towards gym memberships, competitive pay, long-term disability, generous paid time off, benefits starting at 22 hours per week, and much more.

We developed Employee Principles and Core Competencies (see below), which describe the type of workers who thrive at Parker. We invite you to review these ideas and see if you could make a career here.

Our Employee Principles
  • I will be committed to Parker’s culture and standards of care, recognizing the privilege of working with those we serve.
  • I will provide quality care and service, always respecting the unique needs and values of those we serve.
  • I will be personally accountable for my actions and behaviors, and demonstrate pride and a sense of ownership in my role at Parker.
  • I will maintain a safe and clean work environment.
  • I will promote the organization in a positive manner in support of the vision and mission.
  • I will work as part of the team and strive for excellence in all that I do.
  • I will support a culture of trust and respect, and value the cultural diversity of those we serve.
  • I will celebrate successes and achievements, continuing to learn at every opportunity.
  • I will conduct myself with honesty and integrity, and maintain confidentiality of information.
  • I will follow all policies, procedures, protocols, laws and regulations, and these principles, and report any known or suspected violations.
Our Core Competencies
  • Taking ownership
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Taking action
  • Problem solving and influence
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Communication and change
  • Personal leadership
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