Where Do I Begin?

If you are just beginning your search into long-term care options for yourself or your parents, this section of our website was created for you. We hope to answer many of your questions about long-term care through our pages and corresponding article links. 
For many of us, as we reach our “golden years,” we want to remain active and enjoy a meaningful life, the question is how. 
When is it time to look for long-term care solutions? We believe the time is right when it is no longer pleasurable, safe or practical for you or your loved one to remain living at home. 
For some people, living independently is more of a challenge than a pleasure, and there may be a sense of isolation from people and the community. Things that used to bring pleasure may now seem to be a burden. The house seems to be too large, cooking is a chore, and tending the yard takes its toll. 
For others, living independently is difficult due to underlying medical issues. You may require assistance with everyday tasks and personal care, but your family is no longer able to fully assist you.
Some older adults prefer to live at home with some assistance and are looking for opportunities to socialize during the day. Their caregivers may need some time to work or take care of chores. 
Parker offers solutions for all the above scenarios, which are discussed in the next article: Which Long-Term Care Option Is Best for You